Hercules on the Bayou

The Runaway Beignet


This is a delightful blending of Cajun folklore and Greek mythology. In this story, Hercules is hidden by ‘the queen’ in Louisiana where he is raised by local Cajun folk, Claude and Claudette. The story carefully refers to Zeus and Hera only as ‘the king’ and ‘the queen,’ avoiding any need to delve deeper into explanations. Hercules quickly grows strong and is relied upon and loved by all of the locals. The jealous queen sets various tasks before Hercules, which the author cleverly blend with traditional pourquoi tales like ‘Why do mosquitoes buzz in our ears?’ and ‘When did crawfish boils get started?’ Bright, colorful illustrations bring the story to life, and a glossary in the back describes some of the Cajun and mythological terms.

Hercules on the Bayou

Hercules Faces His Biggest Challenge Yet… The Louisiana Swamps!

Hercules on the Bayou celebrates the rich culture of the French-speaking people in south Louisiana. The story stirs together myth and culture and is steeped in Louisiana traditions. Sent down to the hot and humid bayou from his kingdom in the clouds, Hercules performs four daring labors to escape the immortal queen’s wrath. Woven into the Labors of Hercules are mini pourquoi tales revealing elements unique to the Louisiana region including “Why do mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears,” and “How did crawfish boils began?” Written by an award-winning children’s educator, this adventure will have you shouting “Aiyee!” from start to finish.